one secure ID for
all your services

Store your personal data encrypted and share it securely

  • HyperID auth

    Log in and auth

  • HyperID trusted services

    Provide your data
    to trusted services

  • HyperID data access

    Manage access
    to your data

Decide what others know about you

  • HyperID email


  • HyperID phone number

    Phone number

  • HyperID age verification

    Age verification

  • HyperID driving license

    Driving license

  • HyperID shipping address

    Shipping address

  • HyperID KYC


Get rid of numerous passwords and accounts with a single and secure HyperID solution

  • HyperID Simple Authentication

    Simple Authentication

    Log in everywhere with Touch ID or Face ID

  • HyperID Advanced Encryption

    Advanced Encryption

    Protect your personal data across all the services you use

  • HyperID Access Rights

    Access Rights

    Decide what kind of personal data your apps and services can access

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