Onboard Web 2.0 Users to Web3 Digital Identity

HyperID empowers you to effortlessly integrate cutting-edge decentralized digital identity solutions into your apps and services, enhancing user authentication through trusted systems.


Deliver a trustworthy authentication experience

HyperID bridges traditional Web 2.0 and decentralized Web3 authentication methods, ensuring a swift and hassle-free engagement in a matter of seconds. Seamlessly embrace your users with Web3 experiences regardless of whether they log in with their email address or social media account.

Put users in control of their data

Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), Decentralized Identifiers (DID), and Verifiable Credentials (VC) enable individuals to take ultimate control of their digital identity. These solutions help create cryptographically validated user credentials, giving users the exclusive right to decide what data they want to share with others.

Ensure compliance, avoid fines and reduce liabilities

Minimize the risk of potential lawsuits and financial loss by implementing strong security measures to protect your users' private information. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), advanced encryption methods, and distributed encryption key management help you stay in compliance with industry regulations.


Secure and Passwordless Way to Authenticate Your Users


MFA Protection for Managing Single Sign-On Sessions


Decentralized Encryption Key Generation and Storage


Touch ID or Face ID Biometrics Authentication


Multi-Party Computation-enabled Crypto Wallet


Flexible and Granular Access Rights Setup