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Kaizen.Finance: Integrating a Unified User Management System for Enhanced User Experience


About Kaizen.Finance

Kaizen.Finance is the world's premier cross-chain token launch platform, offering an extensive range of crypto services that automate every step from token creation and distribution to secure listings and comprehensive token management.

Tailored for projects on the path to token launch, Kaizen.Finance’s innovative approach is sharpened to help them succeed in the crypto industry.

As of today, Kaizen's offerings encompass more than 12 services geared towards a diverse range of crypto initiatives. These services span a variety of aspects of token launches, from cross-chain token creation, bridging, tokenomics design, and token management panel to token utility optimization to Token Generation Event (TGE) and Listing support.


By helping to navigate the challenging path of cross-chain listings on decentralized exchanges and providing market-making services, Kaizen.Finance creates a one-stop hub for crypto projects to safely and seamlessly enter and explore the fascinating world of Web3.

Kaizen.Finance Business Requirements

In order for project owners to make the most out of the blockchain capabilities when using the platform, Kaizen was on the lookout for a solution that would enable the team to:

  • Set up a user management system: Kaizen needed a decentralized user management system that would include user authentication, authorization, and identification. The team needed a tool with which they could manage user access rights, configure and customize permissions for different types of users, perform billing, view payment history, etc.
  • Implement compliance-related procedures: The platform deemed it necessary to implement Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering (KYC/AML) policies. This essential step was required to ensure the tracking of KYC profiles for all users, including project founders, investors, as well as community members who would participate in token sales. One of the specific requirements was also to have a Know Your Business (KYB) verification in place for projects intending to launch on the Kaizen platform.
  • Provide cross-chain support: In order to enhance the platform’s capabilities and create a more immersive user experience, Kaizen looked to empower its users to connect their crypto wallets, which are generated on various networks, to the platform.

HyperID Solution

After evaluating several user management systems and Decentralized Identity Management (DIM) and Access Management (IAM) solutions, Kaizen decided on HyperID due to the solution’s exceptional scalability, its ease of use for project teams and their users, and HyperID’s commitment to industry-leading cybersecurity standards.


HyperID is an innovative digital identity provider and data access management platform designed to help Web3 crypto projects onboard and authenticate their users.


It allows Web 2.0 users to easily and conveniently log in to accounts though their social media accounts or existing password-based credentials. In doing so, HyperID will automatically generate cryptocurrency wallet addresses, providing a seamless transition for these users into the Web3 space, while current Web3 users will be able to log in by simply connecting their wallets to the platform.

A Single Digital Identity, Simplified User Onboarding, and Regulatory Compliance

By integrating a consolidated HyperID solution into its services, Kaizen.Finance was able to meet all of its key business objectives:

  • Upon the successful integration of HyperID, the Kaizen.Finance team implemented an intuitive tool that enabled them to effectively manage user access rights, set up personalized user permissions, oversee billing, and execute essential operations aimed at enhancing the user experience.
  • The incorporation of KYC/AML/KYB procedures, which are built-in policies within HyperID, strengthened user identity verification. Simultaneously, the flexibility of the KYC options ensured the platform's security and compliance. It has also allowed the projects that run on Kaizen to leverage the KYC/AML policies to meet their specific needs.
  • HyperID has greatly broadened the platform's ability to support multiple blockchains. Specifically, this integration has created a more versatile user authorization experience, enabling users to connect their crypto wallets across various networks.

    What's more, the solution presented project founders with flexible customization settings, letting them determine which network they want to issue their token on, and project followers to participate in token sales on any accessible chain.



By incorporating the cutting-edge HyperID authentication and identification solution into its platform, Kaizen.Finance has elevated its service delivery to an entirely new and improved level.

“HyperID provided our platform with a simple, scalable, and security-focused solution that significantly simplified and streamlined user authorization. The solution seemed to be the most preferable as it consolidated all the necessary features under one roof and proved to be the ideal choice for our needs. We are very pleased with the benefits it brings to our platform,” says CEO of Kaizen.Finance.

Now, both crypto project founders and users seeking to engage in token sales undergo mandatory identity verification and compliance procedures. This ensured the secure, verified, and transparent processes for all participants, and let them take advantage of lightning-fast passwordless authentication altogether.