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HOFA: Streamlining User Authentication And Access Controls With HyperID


About HOFA

HOFA Gallery, short for House of Fine Art, specializes in contemporary art created by both established and emerging international artists. It is a cutting-edge platform that connects visual artists, digital creators, and art collectors

HOFA has a DAO partnership program — a decentralized ecosystem bringing together the works of leading contemporary artists, influential digital creators, and collectors. The DAO is governed by its members, providing voting rights and monthly rewards in ETH, USDC and ARTEM Coin to artists and collectors. Its management structure uses blockchain technology to automate voting and transaction processing. HOFA values transparency, and it always seeks to implement the latest technology to ensure their security stays at the highest possible level.

HOFA DAO needed to authenticate its users and implement Know Your Customer (KYC) checks to ensure that commission recipients were legitimate and compliant with financial regulations.

Comments From HOFA Founder

"HyperID has transformed the way we operate! The integration went beyond functionality – it has infused our platform with a new level of interactivity and accessibility, all while ensuring rigorous controls to limit any potential misuse. HyperID enhanced our overall user experience by giving our community the opportunity to claim their rewards using crypto wallets." - Elio D’Anna


HOFA DAO Business Requirements

  1. Reward Distribution: HOFA DAO needed a method to allow classic Web 2.0 art collectors to claim their rewards.
  2. User Authentication: HOFA DAO required a secure and transparent method to check user eligibility before distributing commissions on artworks to members based on their contributions. The organization needed a reliable way to verify the identities of users to prevent fraudulent claims and ensure that only eligible members received their commissions.
  3. KYC Compliance: To adhere to legal and financial regulations, HOFA DAO needed a solution to conduct KYC checks on users before granting access to commission funds.

HyperID Solution

The integration process involved selecting optimal settings within the HyperID solution that aligned with HOFA's specific requirements. HOFA's development team accessed code from the HyperID software development kit (SDK) to seamlessly incorporate the solution into their platform.


The integration offered the following benefits:

  1. Reward Distribution Through Crypto Wallets: HyperID allowed classic Web 2.0 art collectors to create crypto wallets to claim their rewards.
  1. User Authentication: HyperID's identity verification mechanism helped HOFA authenticate users, reducing the risk of fraudulent claims and ensuring that only legitimate members received their commissions. Users also gained the opportunity to log in with previously connected wallets and attach new wallets to a single accoun
  1. KYC Compliance: The solution enabled HOFA to conduct KYC checks on users, ensuring compliance with financial regulations and preventing unauthorized access to commission funds.

By integrating HyperID into their system, HOFA Gallery successfully simplified and enhanced their voting process, ensuring a secure and compliant experience for their users. The integration allowed for a more engaging and accessible platform while maintaining strict controls to prevent misuse.

This ultimately improved trust and engagement with the gallery's initiatives.